Situation – Week 2 (2019)

SCWOA—Situations — week 2; rule 3 and 5 from the Rule Book & Case Manual

Bring the answers to the next meeting noting Rule, Section, and Article.

Rule Book, Rule 3
1) When possible, what is the sequence for making calls on the edge of the mat during an out of bounds situation?

2) In the rule book on pages 82-83 is the Official Wrestling Signals. What are the number quadrants that correspond to:
– Time out?
– Unnecessary roughness?
– Illegal hold?

Practice using all 28 NFHS Official Wrestling Signals

3) What is the only signal allowed to be used by the assistant referee?

Rule Book, Rule 5
4) Explain all the differences between coach misconduct and coach unsportsmanlike conduct.

5) What is the new Official Signal added In 2019? – Does it always apply?

6) What are the 4 criteria for a near fall?

7) Explain the criteria and proper points awarded for an imminent near fall situation

8) What is the definition of a flagrant misconduct on a contestant?

9) When down on the mat, the usual points of support are?

10) The defensive starting position requires what?

11) Explain difference between “offensive starting” and “optional starting” position.

12) True or False? Prior to assuming the offensive starting position, the offensive wrestler may signal to the referee the neutral starting position?

13) True or False? The referee should always verbally speak to the wrestler against forcing a potentially dangerous hold into an illegal position?

14) Explain the difference between stalemate & stalling.

15) Wrestler starts the match with shoe laces properly secured by lace guard. The laces then come out of the lace guard. Then the laces become untied – What is the call?

16) Explain the difference between injury, recovery time?

Case Manual, Rule 3
17) The coach requests a conference because he has proof from a cell phone video that the referee made the wrong call. Is this allowed? What is procedure?

Case Manual, Rule 5
18) Near Fall – Can a near fall be scored when the offensive wrestler is out of bounds and the defensive wrestler has ½ his scapula out and ½ his scapula on the line?

19) Reversals – Can a reversal ever be awarded to the defensive wrestler when the offensive wrestler keeps the cradle locked?