Situation – Week 3 (2018)

SCWOA—Situations — week 3; rule 6 from the Rule Book & Case Manual

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting Rule, Section, and Article.

Rule Book, Rule 6
1) What are the times for all 4 possible overtime periods? What are they called and when does overtime end? How is choice determined for the ultimate tie breaker? Is stalling called different in the ultimate tie breaker?

2) For a dual meet, how is choice of position for the the 2nd period determined?

3) What must the referee do once a 2nd injury time out is taken? A 3rd injury time out?

4) If the headgear comes off, when does the official stop the match?



5) True or False? Errors requiring bad time to be re-wrestled must be corrected prior to the start of any subsequent period. What if wrong choice is given at start of 2nd period or start of 1st 30 second tiebreaker?

6) True or False? A wrestler may choose neutral at the start of the 30 second tie breaker

7) True or False? Overtime is an extension of the regular match.

Case Manual – Rule 6
8) For a dual meet starting at the 152 weight, the home team is required to send their wrestler to score’s table for odd number matches. Home team sends proper wrestler and he “reports” Can he leave and be substituted before his opponent reports?

9) Is it possible to have a stalemate when the wrestlers are in the neutral position? Could you call stalling here instead of stalemate?

10) During a pinning situation in the 2nd period, referee pulls hand of defensive wrestler away from “face” of offensive wrestler. Soon after, defensive wrestler gets off his back and referee allows wrestling to continue. Is this considered bad time?