Situation – Week 4 (2020-21)

SCWOA – Situations, Week 4, 2020-21, Rule 7 from Rule Book & Case Manual

1) What is the definition of an illegal slam?

2) Name all 5 technical violations:

3) Explain how to call Rule 7, Section 6, Article 4d

4) The offensive wrestler A is defending a standup attempt by the defensive wrestler B near the edge of the mat. As Wrestler B almost completes the Standup Wrestler B pushes him out of bounds and follows. What is the call? What is the Rule?

5) When is a straight head scissors legal?

6) Can pulling of hair be called unnecessary roughness?

7) When is backing off the mat stalling and when is it a technical violation?

8) In the case manual – Rule 7 , Is a slap/hit to the face always unnecessary roughness?

9) In the case manual – Rule 7, What is the call if Wrestler’s A hand pulls Wrestler’s B hair while applying a half‐

10) In the case manual – Rule 7, when is stalling called when the top guy applies grapevine?

11) In the case manual – Rule 7, How to handle a spectator actin in an unsportsmanlike manner? Explain the