SCWOA — Situations — week 1; rules 1, 2 and 4 from the Rule Book & Case Manual

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting Rule, Section, and Article.

Rule Book, Rule 1

1) Why is Rule 1, Section 3, Article 5 important for every official, rookie or veteran, to make sure this happens? Does it have to be the head coach? When is the best time to do this?

Rule Book, Rule 2

2) For dual meets, how far should all team personnel (coaches & wrestlers) be from the edge of the mat? How about the scorer’s table?

3) For a dual meet, is it acceptable to have 3 coach’s chairs in the corner, 10” away from the mat?

4) During a tournament, explain the guidelines for the coaches to be in the “restricted zone?”

5) What is the best way to make sure the coaches stay no closer than 5’ to the edge of the circle?

6) During a tournament, what should the referee do if 2 coaches start out in the corner of the mat, but then are joined by the team trainer?

Rule Book, Rule 4

7) What is necessary for a 2-piece uniform to be worn legally?

8) What is the rule regarding shoe laces?

9) During groom check, what is the procedure if the official thinks there is a communicable skin condition?

Case Manual, Rule 1

10) What should you do if you arrive to supervise the weigh ins for a dual meet and find out the coaches have completed the random draw after the weigh-ins are completed ?

11) In an individual bracketed tournament, the wrestler who weighed in for the 182 lb weight class becomes ill and cannot wrestle. The head coach wants to move up the 170 lb wrestler to compete in the 182 lb weight class. His weight qualifies him for the 182 lb weight class, is he allowed to move up and wrestle 182?

Case Manual, Rule 2

12) During inspection of the wrestling mat and the general mat area for a dual meet, what must the referee request for the chairs, benches and score’s table?

Case Manual, Rule 4

13) During the weigh in, the coach presents current, written NFHS Physician Release for Wrestler to Participate with Skin Lesion form from an appropriate health-care professional indicating evidence of a communicable disease with a wrestler and stating that there will be no problem as long as it is properly covered. Should you allow the wrestler to wrestle?

14) What is the definition of special equipment?

What is the rule for hard and/or abrasive protective equipment?

Who is the sole determining judge for legality of special equipment?

What is the procedure for a wrestler who plans to start the match wearing a knee brace that is wrapped large & bulky, appearing to prevent normal movement of the knee joint?

15) Explain what is a “suitable undergarment” means for a:


If a wrestler is 1/4 ounce overweight, can they remove the suitable undergarment to make weight?