SCWOA—Situations — week 3; rule 6 from the Rule Book & Case Manual

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting Rule, Section, and Article.

Rule Book, Rule 6

1) What are the times for all 4 possible overtime periods? What are they called?

2) True or False? The wrestler who reports to the scorer’s table 1st, as determined by the pre-meet disk toss, cannot be replaced once the 2nd wrestler reports.

3) How is odd or even weight class for choice of the 2nd period determined?

4) What must the referee do once a 2nd injury time out is taken?

5) How many stalemate calls would you make before calling stalling on a wrestler who puts in the legs after the defensive wrestler stands? Same question if the defensive wrestler stands after the offensive wrestler has a crossbody ride?

6) If the headgear comes off, when does the official stop the match?




7) True or False? Errors requiring bad time to be re-wrestled must be corrected prior to the start of any subsequent period.

8) True or False? The wrestler who scores the 1st point in sudden victory or the ultimate tie breaker will be declared the winner.

9) True or False? A wrestler may choose neutral at the start of the 30 second tie breaker.

10) How is choice determined for the Ultimate Tiebreaker?

11) True or False? Overtime is an extension of the regular match.

Case Manual – Rule 6

12) Read 6.2.4 Situation A & B on page 33 & 34 of the case manual. Is there a warning?

13) In the ultimate tiebreaker, the score is 0-0, how is choice determined?

14) Is stalling called different during the Ultimate Tiebreaker?