SCWOA—Situations — week 4; rule 7 from the Rule Book & Case Manual

Rule Book – Rule 7

1) True or False? A Slam is bringing the wrestler to the mat with unnecessary force?

2) True or False? It’s OK to grab the thumb, 1,2 or 3 fingers?

3) What is the criteria for a legal headlock?

4) Is it legal to figure 4 or scissors the body?

5) Are hands in the face or hands in the eyes an illegal maneuver?

6) How do you tell the difference between a forearm on the throat or pressure on the throat?

7) What is the call when the wrestler squirms out of legal headlock, causing it to be illegal?

8) Do the rules state the official should verbally caution potentially dangerous holds?

9) Read rule 7, Section 2, Article 2a-h. Which potentially dangerous hold is most dangerous ?

10) Name all possible technical violations?

11) What is the difference between coach misconduct and coach unsportsmanlike conduct?

12) True or False? If you are “thinking” a wrestler is stalling, you should call it right away?

13) Give 4 common examples of stalling in the neutral position

14) When broken down, Is it stalling if the heel is held to the butt for 4 seconds?

15) In the standing position, how is the call made when the offensive guy doesn’t “attempt” to bring the opponent back down on the mat?

Case Manual – Rule 7

16) Read page 44, 7.1.5 D, then check out the Rule Book page 66, picture 26. Is this ever legal?

17) Read page 46, 7.2.3 Situation – Should the referee ever stop the match here?

18) Read page 46, 7.3.1 Situation A – Does this ruling also apply to fleeing the mat?

19) Read page 52, 7.6.2 Situation B – What happens if Wrestler A locks his hands again?