Situation – Week 4 (2019)

SCWOA – Situations, session 5, 2019, Rule 7, 8, 9 from Rule Book & Case Manual

1) What is the definition of an illegal slam?

2) Name all 5 technical violations:

3) Explain how to call Rule 7, Section 6, Article 4d

4) The offensive wrestler A is defending a standup attempt by the defensive wrestler B near the edge of the mat. As Wrestler B almost completes the Standup Wrestler B pushes him out of bounds and follows. What is the call? What is the Rule?

5) On page 49 in the case manual, is a slap/hit to the face always unnecessary roughness?

6) On page 54 in the case manual, when is stalling called when the top guy applies grapevine?

7) When indication an infraction, the referee shall stop the match with the following 7 exceptions?

8) Review entire penalty chart. What happens after 2-point stalling penalty?

9) Is it possible for bleeding wrestler to win the match by default?

10) Is blood clean up counted as blood time? What is signal to stop blood time?

11) What is the procedure if the wrestler exhibits signs of a concussion when appropriate health-care professional(s) are present?

12) On page 55 of the case manual, 8.1.2, what is best way to assure correct score?

13) On page 56 of the case manual, 8.1.3 Situation B, what if next penalty is second stalling call?

14) On page 58 of the case manual, do we always stop match when kid cries out, scream rule?

15) Case manual – can a wrestler take injury time after recovery time?

16) Case manual 8.2.7 Situation A, what is used first, injury, recovery or blood time?

17) If dual meet ends in tie score, what are 1st and 2nd criteria used to determine winner? What is the New Criteria?