SCWOA—Situations—Week 2; Rule 6

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting the rule, section, and article.

  1. When a supporting point of both wrestlers is out of bounds, wrestling shall be stopped and wrestlers returned to the center of the mat and started according to the position of each at the time they went out of bounds.
  2. After six minutes, the score is 8-7 in Wrestler A’s favor. The referee raises A’s hand and immediately the coach of Wrestler B claims a stalling point should have been recorded to his wrestler in period two. After checking the scorebook, the referee concurs, but says it is too late because the third period began.
  3. Explain the procedure for an overtime match in (a) a dual meet, (b) a tournament.
  4. When an assistant coach requests a conference at the head table and is wrong, the coaching staff will be penalized for misconduct.
  5. After returning from out-of-bounds, Wrestler A begins on top and is reversed and pinned. It is then discovered that Wrestler B should have been in the top position.