SCWOA—Situations—Week 2; Rule 3 and 5

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting the rule, section, and article.

  1. The timekeeper is responsible for determining whether a situation occurred before or after the termination of a period.
  2. List and explain the four criteria for awarding a near fall.
  3. In a dual meet, Wrestler A is ahead by a score of 11-0 with both wrestlers on their feet. Wrestler A is able to initiate a takedown on Wrestler B directly into a pinning situation. The referee completes a two second near-fall count. Before B can be pinned, he reverses and pins A.
  4. From a neutral position, Wrestler A brings Wrestler B to the mat and has both arms under Wrestler B’s armpits. The referee does not award a takedown because wrestler B has his leg over Wrestler A’s leg.
  5. Wrestler A has earned three near fall points when wrestler B grabs his ear guards. The referee lets wrestling continue. If time expires or the wrestlers go out of bounds, how many points should be scored?