SCWOA—Situations—Week 3—Rules 3 and 5

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting the rule, section and article.

  1. The referee can only rule on situations covered by the rules.
  2. List and explain the four criteria for awarding a near fall.
  3. In a dual meet, Wrestler A is ahead by a score of 11-0 with both wrestlers on their feet. Wrestler A is able to initiate a takedown on Wrestler B directly into a pinning situation. The referee completes a two second near-fall count. Before B can be pinned, he reverses and pins A.
  4. From a neutral position, Wrestler A brings Wrestler B to the mat and has both arms under Wrestler B’s armpits. The referee does not award a takedown because wrestler B has his leg over Wrestler A’s leg.
  5. It is not stalling when a wrestler repeatedly causes a stalemate position.