SCWOA—Situations—Week 4; Rule 7

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting the rule, section, and article.

  1. Wrestler A is applying a legal headlock and has earned a three point near-fall. Wrestler B slides his arm out of the headlock. Explain the procedure.
  2. Figure-Four Scissors around the head in a neutral position is legal.
  3. During a break in the action, Wrestler A spits on the floor in front of the referee. The referee penalizes wrestler A with unsportsmanslike conduct and deducts one team point.
  4. Wrestler A has secured a cradle on Wrestler B. Wrestler B crawls off of the mat after near-fall points have been earned . The referee penalizes him for fleeing the mat..
  5. Unsportsmanlike Conduct is called when a coach asks for a conference at the scorer’s table.
  6. The referee should anticipate the dangers of injury from potentially dangerous holds, but should not verbally warn, nor physically touch the wrestlers.