SCWOA—Situations—Week 5 Rules 8 through 11

Answer the following questions and bring the answers to the next meeting noting the rule, section, and article.

  1. When indicating an infraction, the referee shall stop the match. List the six exceptions.
  2. Wrestler A is guilty of, (in order.) stalling, false start, full nelson, false start, locking hands, stalling. How many points are awarded to B?
  3. After two minutes of recovery time, Wrestler B requests injury time. A is awarded the match by default.
  4. Wrestler A defeats Wrestler B by a score of 15-2. How many team points should be awarded to A, in a dual meet; in a tournament?
  5. If a wrestler is disqualified for flagrant misconduct in a dual meet, any team points earned shall be negated. In a Team Advancement Tournament the wrestler shall retain any points earned in earlier rounds.